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Dylan’s ‘Lost Concerts’ Of The 1960s

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Six years ago, ‘ISIS’ magazine published an article entitled “Dylan’s ‘lost concerts’ of the 1960s” written by Ian Woodward in his “Tracking Dylan’ series. It explored those Dylan concerts in the 1960s that, for one reason or another, did not in the end take place.

In the six years since the article was first published, some of its content has been posted on-line, some of its detail has been superseded and some ‘new’ information has come to light.  But there may be more additional information. Can you help?

Towards the end of article, Ian encouraged readers of the magazine to seek out additional information and get in touch. We now extend that invitation to others. In due course, we plan to publish a follow-up article and would like it to be as comprehensive as possible. Can you help?

It is rare for ‘ISIS’ articles to be made available on-line. We would very much like you to take the opportunity to read this particular article and hope that it contains something new and of interest to you.

We also hope that reading it will encourage you to contribute and to add to the information that it contains. If you are inclined to do so, you will find the definition of a ‘Lost Concert’ used by Ian in the article itself. Can you help?

Please note: We would rather receive information twice than not at all. And every little helps. You can help.

Please write to derek.barker@bobdylanisis.com, marking your e-mail “Dylan’s Lost Concerts”. These will forwarded to Ian, who will follow them up.

We hope you enjoy the article. You can read the article HERE.

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Can You Help?

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