Issue 182


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ISIS Issue 182


01 Front Cover – Bad Mergentheim, Germany, July 6,2012 (Paolo Brillo)
03 My Front Page (Editorial – Derek Barker)
04 Something’s Happening…All The Latest News (Derek & Tracy Barker)
14 Twenty Years Time Out Of Mind: Bob Dylan And “Rip Van Winkle” (Rory Butterly)
16 Dylan Stamps – Part III (Les Kokay)
17 20 Pounds Of Headlines (Mark Carter)
20 Tracking Dylan #17 – The “Like A Rolling Stone” Single (Ian Woodward)
25 God, I’m Glad I’m Not Me! Bob Dylan & Donovan in 1965 (Derek Barker)
29 Books Upon Your Shelf (Derek Barker)
31 You May Call Me Jimmy: Bob Dylan’s Connections to President Carter (Zac Dadic)
38 Wreckin’ Lot – Boots (Henry Porter)
42 The Bootleg Series 12 – Comparison Table (Derek & Tracy Barker)
47 Did The Needle Just Skip (Mr Jones & Derek Barker)
49 ISIS STORE – Your One Stop Dylan Shop
51 Inside Back Cover – Sotheby’s Sale Lots
52 Back Cover – Bad Mergentheim, Germany, July 6,2012 (Paolo Brillo)

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