Issue 171


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ISIS Issue 171


01           Front Cover – Padova, Italy, October 8, 2013  (Paolo Brillo)
03           My Front Page  (Editorial – Derek Barker)
04           Something’s Happening… All the latest news (Derek & Tracy Barker)
16           Books Upon Your Shelf  – Review of the latest titles (Derek Barker)
18           1998 A Golden Year (David Hawthorn)
21           A Shot of Love – Two Nights In Glasgow: Bob Dylan At The Clyde Auditorium, Glasgow, November 2013 (Andrew Muir)
24           Did The Needle Just Skip (Mr. Jones / Derek Barker)
30           20 Pounds Of Headlines  (Mark Carter)
33           Complete Album Collection: A Review (Derek Barker)
40           When Not In Rome – Three Nights of Blackpool Rocks: Bob Dylan At The Opera House Theatre, Blackpool, November 2013 (Dave Richardson)
42           Ladies Treat Me Kindly – Audio Concert Reviews  (Les Kokay)
48           Compleat The Document – London Review: Bob Dylan At The Royal Albert Hall, London, November 2013  (Toby Richards-Carpenter)
52           ISIS STORE – Your One Stop Dylan Shop
54           Advertising Signs – Readers Adverts
56           Back Cover- Padova, Italy, October 8, 2013  (Paolo Brillo)

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