Dylan’s Autobiography of a Vocation

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A Reading of the Lyrics 1965-1967 by Louis A. Renza

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Publication Date: 19 October, 2017

Many critics have interpreted Bob Dylan’s lyrics, especially those composed during the middle to late 1960s, in the contexts of their relation to American folk, blues, and rock ‘n’ roll precedents; their discographical details and concert performances; their social, political and cultural relevance; and/or their status for discussion as “poems.” Dylan’s Autobiography of a Vocation instead focuses on how all of Dylan’s 1965-1967 songs manifest traces of his ongoing, internal “autobiography” in which he continually declares and questions his relation to a self-determined existential summons.

Table of contents
Table of Contents
Dylan 1965
Chapter One: Return to Me: Bringing It All Back Home 
Chapter Two: Rebel Without a Cause II: Highway 61 Revisited
Chapter Three: Reflections on Self-Reflections: Blonde on Blonde 
Chapter Four: Fire Down Below: The Basement Tapes 
Chapter Five: Confessions of a Cowboy Angel: John Wesley Harding 
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