Bob Dylan’s Woody Guthrie Selection (2CD)

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This 2-CD compilation is a collection of some of Woody Guthrie’s finest recordings, all of which have been performed by Woody’s greatest admirer, Bob Dylan.

Disc 1: 1: Tom Joad (part 1) (Trad., Guthrie) 2: Tom Joad (part 2) (Trad., Guthrie) 3: This Land Is Your Land (Trad., Guthrie) (2:29) 4: Pastures Of Plenty (Trad., Guthrie) 5: Who’s Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Feet (Trad., Guthrie) 6: Columbia Stockade Blues (Darby, Tarlton) 7: 900 Miles (Instrumental) (Trad., Guthrie) 8: Blue Yodel No. 8 (Muleskinner Blues) (Rodgers, Vaughn) 9: The Biggest Thing a Man Has Ever Done (Trad., Guthrie) 10: Jesus Christ (Trad., Guthrie) 11: Talking Columbia (Guthrie) 12: Talking Merchant Marine (Talking Sailor) (Guthrie) 13: House Of The Risin’ Sun (Trad., Guthrie) 14: Gypsy Davey (Trad., Guthrie) 15: Buffalo Skinners (Trail Of The Buffalo) (Trad., Guthrie) 16: Jesse James (Trad., Ledbetter, Guthrie) 17: Riding In My Car (Car, Car) (Guthrie) 18: Hangknot, Slipknot (Guthrie) 19: Talking Fish Blues (Trad., Guthrie) 20: Ramblin’ ’Round (Guthrie, Ledbetter, Lomax)

Disc 2: 1: Don’t You Push Me Down (Guthrie) 2: Howdido (How Doo Do) (Guthrie) 3: Come See (Guthrie) 4: I Want It Now (I Want My Milk) (Guthrie) 5: Dead Or Alive (Poor Lazarus) (Trad., Guthrie) 6: Sally Don’t You Grieve (Guthrie) 7: Pretty Boy Floyd (Trad., Guthrie) 8: 1913 Massacre (Trad., Guthrie) 9: I Ain’t Got No Home (Guthrie) 10: Hard Travelin’ (Trad., Guthrie) 11: Ranger’s Command (Trad., Guthrie) 12: What Did The Deep Sea Say? (Monroe) 13: Goin’ Down The Road Feeling Bad (Guthrie, Hays) 14: Grand Coulee Dam (Trad., Guthrie) 15: Bad Lee Brown (Trad., Guthrie, Houston) 16: Danville Girl (Guthrie) 17: Golden Vanity (Trad) 18: Froggie Went A-Courtin’ (Trad) 19: Stackolee (Trad., Guthrie) 20: Do Re Mi (Guthrie) 21: Talking Dust Bowl Blues (Guthrie)

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