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After The Crash Special Edition (2-Disc DVD)

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1 x DVD/ 1 x Interview CD


‘After The Crash’ mixes rare historic footage with review and criticism from experts, friends, fellow musicians who played with Bob, and even the odd enemy… covering the period 1966 1978.

Writers and critics Clinton Heylin, Nigel Williamson, Patrick Humphries and Derek Barker proffer their thoughts and opinions while Jacques Levy, in his final interview, discusses his work with Bob on the Desire album. Musicians Rob Cornelius, Bruce Langhorne, Eric Weissberg, Kevin Odegard, Rob Stoner and Scarlet Riviera all talk of their experiences working with Dylan in the studio and on the road. Friend and journalist Al Aronowitz remembers his times with Bob while one of his closest confidantes, Ray Foulkes, organiser of the Isle Of Wight Festival, reveals for the first time how he managed to talk Dylan out of live retirement to perform at the UK s very own Woodstock . And with the legend himself, A.J. Weberman, recalling the events and conversations that took place between himself and a somewhat irritated Bob Dylan in 1971, this programme is the most informative, revelatory and downright entertaining document on this period of Bob Dylan s life yet to emerge.


(Classic Interviews volume 2) featuring the most legendary non-musical Dylan recordings ever, the infamous ‘Weberman Tapes’ remain a fascinating revelation of the way Bob responded to what was a serious breach of his privacy circa 1971. A .J. Weberman, a New York political agitator, as part of his mission to get Bob Dylan to return to the protest movement, rifled through Dylan’s garbage cans. He then somehow managed to get Bob on the phone and the resulting conversations are nothing short of extraordinary. Presented on disc two of this set in their entirety, these little heard tapes are an essential listen for anyone intrigued by Bob Dylan, his life and music.

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