A Wanderer by Trade: Gender in the Songs of Bob Dylan

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Publication Date: 30 Dec 2018

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by Patrick Webster

The love songs of Bob Dylan provide a unique template on which to map the changes in American society since the 1960s. In looking across a diverse range of Dylan’s songs, the book will explore issues surrounding masculinity, femininity, sexuality and identity from such a perspective. There have been many books on Dylan, but this present work might be seen as distinct from others insomuch as it will employ the use of specific aspects of cultural theory to explore the underlying appeal of Dylan’s prolific output. In this way, it might be said to be a unique example within the world of Dylan studies, as the book possesses relatively little interest in Bob Dylan, the man, but a great sense of interest in the songs he has written, in the cultural texts he has produced. As such the book aspires to offer an accurate depiction of Bob Dylan’s reputation as an American songwriter. 170 pages. Paperback.

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