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The Classic Interviews: Volume 3 – 1979 -1981 (CD)

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The interviews contained on this CD cover one of the most important and intriguing junctures in Bob Dylan’s entire career. 1978 had been a harrowing year for Dylan; his marriage had finally broken down and a painful divorce was followed by a long and bitter custody battle in which he lost guardianship of his children. Add to this both the critical and box office failures of his epic film “Renaldo and Clara” and it’s clear that events were not going Dylan’s way. His huge 1978 world tour was in part undertaken as a diversion from these frustrations, but the road brought him little solace and by the final stages of the tour he was at an ail time low – lower even than the time of his 1966 motorcycle accident and the temporary retirement that followed. It was against this background of disappointments and frustrations that one of America’s most celebrated Jews encountered Christ and became Born Again. This collection of interviews gives unique insights into Dylan’s thoughts during this pivotal and highly creative period. Most notably, his comments about the American Atheists Movement are unusually frank and make fascinating listening.

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