David Bowie’s Jukebox (CD)

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He may have been one of the finest composers of the past 50 years, but David Bowie was proud to wear his musical influences on his sleeve and never afraid to provide his own unique versions of the songs he loved. Indeed, as early in his career as 1973, he released an entire album of such with Pin Ups, when he performed songs he knew and admired from his teenage years – hit singles by British Beat Groups from the mid 1960s. And many a Bowie fan from that era is still under the illusion that the old Merseys’ smash ‘Sorrow’ is a bona-fide Bowie song, such was his treatment of the record’s hit single.

But across the years David’s tastes and inspirations have developed and broadened exponentially and as a tribute to such a diverse range of informants, we hereby present the ultimate tribute to David Bowie’s mythical Jukebox.

Featuring cuts from as diverse a collection of tune-smiths as Lou Reed, Jacques Brel, James Brown, Stravinsky, Bertolt Brecht and The Legendary Stardust Cowboy, among numerous others, this collection works on any number of levels and provides both a fascinating glimpse into the Record Collection of Bowie and a delightful compilation of songs from a wide selection of 20th Century Composers who rarely feature on the same album together.

  1. Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am – Charles Mingus
  2. Electricity (Drugs) (live) – Talking Heads
  3. The Paw Paw Negro Blowtorch (live) – Eno & The Winkies
  4. Lost Someone – James Brown
  5. I Pity the Fool – Bobby Bland
  6. The Augurs of Spring – Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
  7. TV Eye (live) – Iggy Pop with David Bowie
  8. I Took a Trip on a Gemini Spaceship (live) – Legendary Stardust Cowboy
  9. Tupelo Blues – John Lee Hooker
  10. House of the Risin’ Sun – Bob Dylan
  11. Brand New Cadillac – Vince Taylor
  12. The Song of the Second Moon – The Electrosoniks
  13. Around and Around – Chuck Berry
  14. Sweet Jane (live) – Lou Reed
  15. Pop! Goes the Weasel – Anthony Newley
  16. Wild is the Wind (live) – Nina Simone
  17. Non, je ne Regrette Rien – Edith Piaf
  18. Alabama Song – Lotte Lenya
  19. Growin’ Up (live) – Bruce Springsteen
  20. Giant Steps – John Coltrane
  21. Jocko Homo (live) – Devo
  22. La Mort – Jacques Brel
  23. Like a Bird – Florence Foster Jenkins


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