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Desire (1976)

1.    Hurricane
2.    Isis
3.    Mozambique
4.    One More Cup Of Coffee
5.    Oh, Sister
6.    Joey
7.    Romance In Durango
8.    Black Diamond Bay
9.    Sara


Recorded July 14 to October 24, 1975
Released January 16, 1976
Playing Time 56:16
Produced by Don DeVito
Engineered by Don Meehan


Bob Dylan – Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica, Piano / Vincent Bell – Bass, Bellzouki / Ronee Blakley – Vocals / Eric Clapton – Guitar / Dom Cortese – Mandolin, Accordion / Emmylou Harris – Vocals / Scarlet Rivera – Violin / Rob Stoner – Bass, Vocals / Steven Soles – Guitar, Vocals / Howie Wyeth – Piano, Drums
Liner Notes

Where do I begin…on the heels of Rimbaud moving like a dancing bullet thru the secret streets of a hot New Jersey night filled with venom and wonder. Meeting the Queen Angel in the reeds of Babylon and then to the fountain of sorrow to drift away in the hot mass of the deluge… To sing praise to the King of those dead streets, to grasp and let go in a heavenly way — streaming into the lost belly of civilization at a standstill. Romance is taking over. Tolstoy was right. These notes are being written in a bathtub in Maine under ideal conditions, in every Curio Lounge from Brooklyn to Guam, from Lowell to Durango oh sister, when I fall into your spacy arms, can not ya feel the weight of oblivion and the songs of redemption on your backside we surface alongside miles standish and take the rock. We have relations in Mozambique. I have a brother or two and a whole lot of karma to burn… Isis and the moon shine on me. When Rubin gets out of jail, we celebrate in the historical parking lot in sunburned California…